Do You Know the Ideal Ways to Take Care of Your Fedora Hats?


Fedora hats have recently gained popularity, and many people look astounding in them. However, some of us go and buy the hat of our choice only to try out a distinct style without realizing that we are buying something that needs to be taken care of. You will be spending a hefty sum to purchase a fedora, but if you find that its form or color has changed because you failed to take good care of it, how would you really feel? So, how can you keep it looking its best? This article is all about it.

A fedora hat is known for its softer brim and an indented crown. Most fedoras possess a horizontal crease down the crown and are pinched neatly on both the front and back sides. It can have a diamond or teardrop-shaped crown. Center dents are also common. These hats are available in felt, cotton, wool, and even cashmere. Some even feature a ribbon trim. Other varieties of fedora hats include straw, cotton, waxed cotton, oiled cotton, and leather. Felt fedoras are made using chinchilla, mink, mohair, or other pricey materials. So, you see, the range is varied, and to keep your hat in a good shape, you need the right knowledge.

One thing you must remember. No matter what hat material you choose to buy or whatever hat size you may wear, it will get stained by your sweat if not by other outside sources. You have to clean it to retain its look and also to make it smell well. 

How to clean your fedora

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You would require –

  • A lint roller
  • A hat brush
  • A washcloth
  • A blow dryer

You will need these things for cleaning any kind of fedora. Wash and dry your hands properly before you commence with the task. Choose a clean spot to do the job. The surface on which you will clean the hat should be free from moisture, dust, or any other debris.  

Hold your fedora by its rim, and using the hat brush, start brushing it gently from one side to the other until you have completed a full rotation around your hat. Then take the lint roller and roll it over the surface to collect any hair, dirt, lint, dust, or other particles that may have got stuck to the fedora’s material. 

Getting rid of dust, dirt, and pet hair

If it’s a felt hat that you possess, then for sure it will attract dust, dirt, lint, and other particles. But the problem with a felt hat is it is a delicate and sensitive material. Whether it’s a fedora for men or women, you have to be very cautious while cleaning it. As these hats can lose their shape easily, you cannot just take a brush and brush away the loose particles or pat them away with your hand. To remove such materials, you must use a soft-bristled brush. Use a polishing motion, and move the brush on the hat surface to remove larger debris. 

If you don’t have a hat brush, make sure your brush has soft bristles to avoid puncturing or causing any other damage. These hats often get animal hairs stuck onto them. In such cases, using a soft-bristled brush may not give you results. Animal hairs are more difficult to remove. Lint remover can work, but you can also try with brown packing tape, duct, or masking tape to get the loose fibers off the hat.   

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How to get rid of stains from your fedora

Once you have completed the first step, slightly dampen the washcloth and use it to remove any spots on the hat. To avoid affecting the hat’s color, choose a white cloth. If you take any other color, a transfer of color may happen and thus, ruin the original shade of the hat. You can also take the help of a damp sponge to take the stain mark off your fedora. Use a cleaning spray made solely for this purpose. You can also make your own mild spray with cool water and diluted soap. 

Bring out your blow dryer. Plug it in with the lowest setting and start drying the hat by removing any excess water. A dry cloth can also come in handy to wipe away any extra moisture. Air drying can also be another option. But it may take a long time, and you may not be available afterward to store your hat properly after the cleaning is over. 

To get rid of unpleasant odors, especially during the summer months carefully take off the sweatband from your hat and let it air out. After it has completely dried, use a mildly scented fragrance to make it smell fresh and clean once again.

How to keep your fedora safe

The hat protects us from the sun’s rays. But if we do not take measures to protect it from such harsh rays, it will soon fall apart. So, to shield your hat from damaging sun rays, specially formulated protection sprays are available readily in the market. You can get them online, from your local departmental store, or from a hat shop. 

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This spray will help in maintaining the color of the hat material as well as safeguard it from getting damaged. It will also look after the shape of your fedora. You can use the same sun protection spray to protect other hats like the cowboy hat or a ball cap. 

Things to remember while undergoing the whole process

  • If you possess a fur felt hat, remember to use a soft-bristled brush and brush it following the natural direction of the fur hair.
  • If your hat shrinks in size after the whole procedure, you can use a hat jack to stretch it back.
  • Use a covered hatbox to store your hats. Storing it upside down would be the right thing to do. Else, the brim may become shapeless.
  • If you want to keep the shape of your fedora intact, always grasp the hat by its brim.


If your hat damage exceeds your self-care options, do not hesitate to contact a hat care professional who will look into the matter and come up with a remedy that will make your fedora look as good as new. 

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