Eco friendly everyday products to buy

The trends of our lifestyles keep updating with time. Earlier it used to be based on the celebrations of new discoveries or professional growth, now it has gone wide and broad in terms of ecosystems. At a global level, the theme has developed itself into the rising concerns of global warming and the need to take individual responsibility for its cause and healing. 

With rising temperature, diminishing resources, and population upheaval, it’s the need of the hour to be mindful of our choices and be careful with how we choose to pursue living and maintain the lifestyle. 

With this thought in mind, let’s look at some simple fixes in our everyday lives that can eventually lead to bigger contributions by adapting it on the global level. 

  1. No plastics 

This is not new, but it is utmost important. Do not buy plastic in any form – be it in carry bags, tiffin boxes, containers, water bottles, cosmetic containers, even clothes pegs and bath buckets etc. The replacements of these might be heavier or a little bit expensive, but in turn, they are much more sustainable and better for the environment and your health in the longer run. 

  1. Sustainable fabrics

Not many of us might know this, but our fabrics differ in the amount of resources they use in the environment. The jeans or denims we wear take a lot of water in their making and thus deplete the resources. With time, the brands have gotten aware and started to use the methods of minimal water consumption in the manufacturing thus adopting a sustainable method of production. Unlike synthetic fabrics, natural and organic clothing like cotton is both eco-friendly and suitable for skin as well. We should choose natural fabrics and believe in minimal wardrobe methods to reduce the burden on the environment. 

  1. Stationery items

We all know that paper and pencils are a big part of our daily routine. But it is also a fact that pulp and paper are one of the largest industrial air, water and land pollutants. It also emits methane when rotten, which is more harmful to mankind than carbon dioxide. So, we should keep our stationery usage and discarding in check. We all remember the campaigns on saving papers and trees in school days, and there is a solution to payback too. Usage of plantable stationeries like plantable pencils and pens along with hand paper made notebooks can be used as seeds once they are exhausted. 

  1. Personal care products

The personal care products category in the self-care industry includes manufacturing and selling of items used on an everyday basis that includes soaps, shampoos, hygiene products, and beauty & makeup products as well. Not only are these products causing damage to the environment but also induce long term health issues due to toxins & chemical-based ingredients. It is important to find skin-friendly, clean & nourishing replacements like ayurvedic lipstick and herbal soaps & cleansers. It is best to use natural, ayurvedic products and recipes for your skin and health. It will not only heal the body from within, but reduce your dependency on these artificial products in the long run. 

To conclude, we must note the importance and urgency of using organic products like plantable pencils, ayurvedic lipsticks, natural metals and utensils to be as earth-friendly as possible for our own good.

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