How to close Axis Bank Account ?

How to Close Axis Bank Account

Axis Bank is one of the Major Private Sector Banks in India. The Bank has a Network of More than 4,094 branches & 12,922 ATMs Spread over the Country. Axis Bank is Known for Its Customer-Centric Services. But if You are Not Satisfied with the Service of Bank, You can Follow this Easy Guide of “how to close Axis Bank Account”. People usually tend to have Multiple Bank Account. But If You are Not using Your Account Properly, Then You should Consider Closing It.

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There can be any reason why You Want to Close Your Axis Bank Account. Maybe it because You are Starting a New Job Where You Need to open a New Salary Account. Most of the Indian Banks have a Monthly Average Balance that Needs to Be Maintained.

If You don’t Maintain a Minimum Balance, the Bank will charge You Additional Fees for That. To Get rid of these Charges it is Advisable to close Your unwanted bank Account. 

How to Close Your Bank Account? Follow the Steps Mentioned Below 

Step 1 –  Download the Axis Bank Account Closure Form from the attachment Below. 

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Step 2 – Fill All the Necessary Details & Submit Your Form with Your ATM card & check Book. 

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The Bank will verify the Form Your have Submitted. They will check if You have any loan to Pay and other Dues. Once verified, Your Bank Account will be Closed. 

The Axis Bank Account Closure Fees is Rs. 500 for Bank Account Which is Less than 1 year old. For Account which is Older then 1 Year the Fees is Rs.250. You have to Pay the Bank Account Closing Fees while Submitting Your Form in Branch.

Things to Keep in Mind Before Closing Your Axis Bank Account

  • Withdrawl All Your Money – Before You Close Your Bank Account, Make sure You withdrawal all Your Money. You can Tranfer Your Money to Your new Bank Account so that You Do Not face any Trouble with Your online Payments & Liquid Cash.
  • Cancel Your Automatic Payments – Most of the Banks Allows their Customers for Automatic Payment for Different Commodities. It is Adviced to Cancel all Your Automatic Payment Before You Close Your Bank Account.
  • Bank Account Closure letter – Writing an official Letter to Your Branch Manager is Very Important for Bank Account Closure. In Most Cases Your Bank will contact You in the Procedure of Closing Your Account for Different Inquiries. If You Dont Know how to write this Letter You can Read this Detailed Article How to Write Bank Account Closure Letter

To Avoid any Such Problems After Your Close Your Bank Account, Make sure You Take care of Points Mentioned Above. This is how to close Axis Bank Account Properly.

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FAQ ( Axis Bank Account Closure ) 

How Do I Close my Bank Account ?

Download the Account Closure Form & Submit it to Your Nearest Branch.

How Many Days It takes to completely Close my Account ?

Once You will submit the Request form at Your Branch, It will Take two Working Days to Close Your Account.

What are the Charges for Account Closure ?

If You Close your Bank Account within 1 Years of Opening then You have pay 500 Rs. In other case the Fees is 250 Rs.

In Conclusion 

If You Do Not use your Salaried Bank Account for 3 to 6 Month It automatically gets converted into a egular savings account. To Avoid any Deduction from Your Account, the Best Practice is to Close is As Soon as Possible. We Hope this Article helped You to Know More about “how to close Axis Bank Account”. If You have any Queries related to Closing Your Bank Account, make sure to Share with us in the comments Below and We will get back to You Soon.

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