How to Write an Assignment and Convert into Handwritten Notes

Handwritten Notes

Assignments are necessary in academic life, which creates the link between assessment and learning. In previous times, students used pen and paper to write all the stuff. At that time, typewriter fonts were only seen in books. 

Now, in the new world, we use keyboards instead of pens and paper, which makes handwritten notes and assignments rare phenomena in the modern world. But it’s time to return to the conventional handwritten content that we all loved reading. But it’s very time-consuming to write the whole content. Because some assignments are enormous, writing those assignments manually is very hectic. 

The Assignment Writing Process:

There are different points included in assignment writing, which are

1. Understanding the Assignment Topic

First of all, carefully understand the assignment topic, requirements, and objectives. Suppose you do not understand the topic carefully. So, it can make your assignment wrong.

2. Gathering Relevant Information

Gather the relevant data and sources to start your assignment because a good assignment depends on good research. It’s very important to understand where you got your information from, which makes your information good.

3. Creating Outline

Before writing, create an outline structure for your task to understand the sequence. You have to ensure that your starting and ending points are clear. 

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4. Writing

Write the assignment according to the drafted outlines and keeping in view the information that you collected.

5. Proofreading

After writing the assignment, carefully read the document repeatedly to find mistakes and errors.

Benefits of Handwritten Notes and Assignments

If you are writing your assignment by hand using pen and paper then you will have to keep a good amount of time for this phase. Jotting down the words takes time and it’s a tiring task for everyone, with students as no exception. But if you’re not opting for the conventional method of writing and typing it on your laptop, you don’t need to spend much time there.

An average handwriting speed is about 13 words per minute while average typing speed is 40 to 50 words per minute. So you can see that typing takes 1/4th of the time that you spend in writing by hand.

But when you write something by hand, your brain gets time to comprehend it properly because more senses are involved in writing rather than typing. Here below we are listing down some similar benefits of handwritten notes:

  • Getting a Better Understanding

You can understand things better when you write them down by hand. For some reason, writing things down by hand helps your brain remember them better.

  • Remember for a Long Time:

Writing things down helps you remember them for a long time, which is fantastic. “Hey, we worked on this together, so I’m going to remember it for a while,” your brain tells you. Researchers who look into how our brains work have found that writing things down helps you understand them better and remember them later. More than just a feeling, writing by hand is good for your brain.

  • Integrity and Identity:

Every person has a different writing style or handwriting. That enhances the integrity of any piece of paper with handwritten words on it. It builds your identity. When a teacher checks your paper, he or she can easily recognize your handwriting and if you are good in class with a good reputation among teachers, you will definitely get an advantage from this identity.

  • Attached Feelings and Emotions:

When we receive a handwritten note, we are more attracted to it rather than to a note in typed font. So, feelings and emotions are attached to handwritten notes. It gives us the feeling of a personal connection. People used to touch and feel such emotions in the handwritten letters sent by their loved ones whenever they used to miss them.

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How to Convert Assignments into Handwriting Notes?

It’s a fast age and time is scarce. It isn’t easy to write all the content by hand. Various methods are available to overcome this problem. Sometimes, it takes a lot of time for students to write long assignments manually with the help of pen and paper. But, as we read above, the time we spend is worth it.

What if I tell you that you can save time while enjoying all the perks of handwritten text? Yes, that’s possible because a lot of online tools are there to convert text into customized handwritten notes. These online tools are mostly free. You can enter your typed text and with just a few clicks, the typed text will be converted to a realistic-looking handwritten note.

How can you do that and what are those tools, I’ll be explaining all in the coming paragraphs and headings.

Online Text to Handwriting Converters

As I stated above, there are plenty of text-to-handwriting converting tools online. These tools have various options like selecting handwriting style or font, paper style and font, and other such options to make the converted image more realistic. You can Google and find such tools. Here I’m using Text to Handwriting converter by Text Reverse.

Text Reverse is an online tool used to convert your text to handwriting notes by using different fonts, colors, and inks. It displays the result in image format or PNG and PDF. You can easily change the style and font according to your requirements.

How to Convert Typed Text to Handwritten Notes?

Coming to the main point, how to convert text to handwritten notes. So that’s pretty easy and straightforward. That’s why I have spent a lot of words building up the suspense (a typical yet pinching blogger approach :D). Steps are easy like ABC. Here we go:

  1. Open in the browser any text to handwriting converter.
  2. Enter the heading or title for the text.
  3. Enter the text in the specified text area.
  4. Select handwriting style, page style, font size, and ink color.
  5. Converted handwritten notes will appear below so just download PNG or PDF to save or print handwritten notes.
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Why Do We Use Online Tools To Convert Assignments Into Handwritten Notes?

Saves Time

Text-to-handwriting generators save time and generate the content more easily than physically writing by hand. With the help of the tool, you can easily create the content in less time.

Increase Readability

Handwritten notes are sometimes easier to read than actual handwriting. It also increases the readability for the audience to understand the context of the text.


Text-to-handwriting generators allow you to create your handwritten text by enabling you to select from a range of handwriting styles.


Handwriting can be a more accessible form of communication for people with specific disabilities or impairments.

Create distinctive signatures to give a personal touch to electronic documents and communications. These signatures can mimic your handwriting.


Writing handwritten notes is a very time-consuming process. But sometimes teachers pressurize students to write notes in handwriting format. So, that’s why students can use tools to reduce their burden. Several tools are available for the conversion of text into handwriting notes. You choose the tool according to your requirements.

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