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ICICI Bank is an Indian Multi-National Private Sector Bank that offers Banking and Financial Services to Its Customers. The Bank has a Network of More than of 5,275 branches and 15,589 ATMs Spread all over India. ICICI Bank offers NEFT Service to all Its Customers. NEFT Is one of the Most Secure Fund transfer option Available online and offline Both. In order to access NEFT transfer online, You Need to Have an Online Banking Account. Alternatively, You can Also Download the ICICI Bank NEFT Form and Submit it to Your Branch for offline Process.

Send Your money anytime to Beneficiary Bank Account using the NEFT online &  ICICI Bank NEFT Form PDF format download.

What is NEFT?

NEFT Is a National Electronic Fund Transfer is a Centralised Electronic Payment System Owned by RBI. All the Transactions in NEFT happens in Near Real-time to the Beneficiary account in Secure Way. An individual can Transfer Money to any Bank Account in the Country.

ICICI Bank NEFT Form Download Online

Most of the Indian Bank Allows NEFT Service from their Internet Banking Website & Branch.  If You have access to Internet banking, You can use NEFT to transfer funds anytime. But In order to transfer Money offline through Branch, You have to Submit the ICICI Bank NEFT Form. The Form is Available in Both the PDF & Printable Format. ICICI Bank NEFT Form PDF format download Here at Banking Support.

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ICICI Bank NEFT Timings – According to the Guidelines of RBI ( Reserve Bank of India ) The NEFT Services are Available 24×7 with effect from Dec 16, 2019.

NEFT Charges – The Maximum NEFT Charges Bank can be Levied on Its Customers are Mentioned Below. RBI has Advised all Banks to Not charge any NEFT Fees from their Saving Account Customers for online NEFT transactions.

  • Transactions up to 10,000, the Charges are  ₹ 2.50 (+ Applicable GST)
  • Transactions up to 100000, the Charges are  ₹ 5 (+ Applicable GST)
  • For Transactions above 1 Lakh up to 2 Lakh is ₹ 15 (+ Applicable GST)
  • For Transactions Above 2 Lakh ₹ 25 (+ Applicable GST)

How to Fill Your ICICI Bank NEFT Form?

Your ICICI Bank NEFT Form in Three into Two Different Parts. All the Details in Your Form is Very Important and Need to Be Filled Carefully. Your Bank will Not Process Your Transfer if the Information Given in the Form is Wrong. Follow the Details Mentioned Below to Know How to Properly Fill all the Details.

  • Enter the Date & PAN Number in the Space Provided on Right Cornor of the Form.
  • Fill the Branch Details and the Amount Which Needs to Be transferred.
  • Select the Mode of Payment. If the Deposited amount in Cash Select That option.

After You Have Filled all the General Details, Now You have to Give Details of the Applicant Account. Follow The Steps Below to Know More.

  • Enter the Account Number of Applicant in Given Space.
  • If the amount is Paid in Cheque, Enter the Cheque Number with Date.
  • Write Your Name with Address and Mobile Number.
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In the Next Section of the ICICI Bank NEFT Form, You have to Fill the Details of the Beneficiary Account. All the NEFT Details Needs to Fill carefully. Read this article to know more about ICICI RTGS Form PDF Download

  • Enter Beneficiary Name & Account Number.
  • Mentioned Bank Name with 11 Digit IFSC Code, Branch Address & Account.
  • Have any Remarks? You can Fill that Too in Your ICICI Bank NEFT Form.

Once You are Done with Filling Every Detail in ICICI NEFT Form, You Needs to Add Your Signature in the Box Provided at the Bottom of the Form. You will Get an Acknowledgment Receipt from Your Bank. In case Your Transfer Gets Delayed or Cancel, You can Show the receipt to Your Branch for reference.

What are the Benefits of Using NEFT Service?

NEFT Service is one of the Fastest and Secure Modes of Fund Transfer. It is Available for 24×7 throughout the year. Here the Top 5 Benefits of using NEFT over other Services –

  • Available 24×7 Throughout the Year. Account Holders can transfer Money Anytime they Want.
  • RBI Do Not Levy any Charges from Bank.
  • Fund Can Be Transfer All over India through the Large Network of Branches.
  • There are No Charges for Savings Account Customers for online NEFT transactions.
  • NEFT System can also be used for credit card Bill payment, Loan EMI, etc.

For Offline Payment, You can Download the ICICI Bank NEFT Forms from our Website. Once Downloaded, Fill all the Details and Submit to Your Branch for Further process.

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FAQ ( Frequently Asked Questions )

What is NEFT? 

NEFT is National Electronic Fund transfer, It’s a Centralised Payment System Operated by RBI.

What is the Information Required to fo NEFT transfer?

Amount to Be Transferred,  Beneficiary name, Account Number, IFSC Code, and Bank Name.

What is the Transactions Limit of NEFT?

The Minimum amount is 1 Rs and the Maximum is 10 Lakh INR.

What is IFSC Code?

IFSC Is ‘Indian Financial System Code’ Its an 11 Digit unique Code for Branches.

How to Raise Complaint related to NEFT?

Approach Your Branch First, In case your grievance is not resolved within 30 days, Approach the Banking Ombudsman.

In Conclusion 

We have in this Article we have Cleared all Your Queries related to ICICI Bank NEFT Form and NEFT Services. If You have any questions related to icici bank neft form pdf format download, Feel free to share with us in the comments below.

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