Learn More About The Sought Out American Eagle Gold Coin

Since the official launch of the American Eagle gold coin in 1986, this gold bullion has become one of the most sought-after investments for collectors and investors alike. From its early roots as a way for the government to capitalize on gold mining, the gold American Eagle coin has evolved into a globally recognized commodity backed by the U.S. Mint. So let’s consider what you need to know about this gold bullion.

History of the American Eagle Gold Coin

Before 1986, Americans were not legally allowed to own or purchase gold coins and other products. In addition, the U.S. Mint was prohibited from manufacturing any gold product until Congress passed the Bullion Coin Act in 1985. This act enabled the government to create coins made from precious metals and sell them as legal tender. As such, they started the American Eagle gold coin in 1986 and began production at their West Point facility in New York.

American Eagles Today

Today, each gold American Eagle coin contains 91.67% pure 24-karat gold, which is much higher than other competitive coins like Krugerrands which are only 22-karat (91.67%). This allows these coins to maintain their value over time better than many other bullion options on the market.

Additionally, each of these coins features an obverse design featuring Liberty Walking with her torch and olive branch as well as an eagle carrying an olive branch against its chest on its reverse side – hence its name “American Eagle.” Over time, the U.S. Mint has also released several special edition versions of this coin, featuring different designs and commemorative occasions for collectors and investors alike.

American Eagles Are A Solid Investment

Gold American Eagle coins are popular for investors looking to expand their portfolios. However, unlike other investments, the American Gold Eagle has something that few others can boast—actual inherent value. With one of the most reliable measures of wealth, gold, as its backing, investors can rest easy knowing their investment is protected and valued across global markets.

The coin also carries universal recognition and higher liquidity than many alternatives. It even contains exact measurements of pure gold rather than a lesser grade or alloys like some competitors. All these qualities combined make American Gold Eagle coins an obvious choice for those looking to start or expand their portfolio with a solid, safe haven investment.

Conclusion: Invest In An American Gold Eagle Coin

Overall, the American Eagle Gold Coin is one of the most popular forms of bullion for investors today because it is backed by stability and beauty – making it an excellent option for those seeking long-term investments or tangible assets with intrinsic value.

Its history dates back decades, yet its recognition as a valuable commodity remains strong even today due to its popularity among collectors and investors alike. Whether you are just starting or are looking for ways to diversify your portfolio – investing in an American Eagle Gold Coin can be a great way to add value without sacrificing liquidity in your investments.

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