Personalisation of marketing and companies

Personalisation of marketing and companies

The better you respond to your customer, the more your sales will grow. This is one of the reasons why companies today are putting more and more time and effort into personalizing business processes according to their customers. Companies are looking for loyal customers but there are a few things that come in return. 

Personalization is the future of marketing, but also one of the biggest challenges for marketers. Technological developments and new marketing techniques mean that people’s expectations are getting higher and higher. Ideally, they want to feel that a brand is aware of personal desires and preferences. Just think of the way Netflix works. This calls for an optimal connection of content and commerce.


Personalized marketing content refers to the process and activities of customizing marketing and sales material to better meet a customer’s specific needs and preferences. Personalisation is usually based on information and data that the company has collected about the customer or lead. This may include purchase history, engagement during the customer journey, such as clicks on links, or other data that a brand has acquired through marketing touchpoints. 

Personalizing marketing has considerable advantages for large companies. 

For instance, personal brand communication contributes to a better relationship with your customer or prospect and increases the effectiveness of your marketing efforts. You generate more knowledge about your target group and thus learn how to approach, reach and more importantly, convince them!

Personalisation also ensures that the right message reaches the right target group at the right time.

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Where many marketing models stop after the conversion (think Touch Tell Sell), it is important not to skip the step after the purchase. The nurture phase is in fact just as important. Because once you have the customer in your file, you can learn so much from this group! For example, with emails, search behavior in the My environment et cetera. And: they have the potential to become real brand ambassadors, who come back to you time and time again because they trust your services and products, and recommend you in their environment.

Add something personal 

The term personalization is one that has come to play an increasingly important role within the business world in recent years. Take, for example, senator pens, which can be ordered in any color, but can also be printed with a logo, brand name or, for example, a personal message. Personalization means printing products with your brand name or logo, thereby adding a bit of personality to the customer’s experience. In addition, consumers will naturally become more ‘exposed’ to your brand, which increases brand awareness. 

For example, companies have hangtags printed with a logo so that they can then be attached to its products. In this way, customers see the logo hanging when they buy a product from it and start associating it with a fun experience unnoticed. 

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