SBI RTGS Form PDF Download

sbi rtgs form download

SBI RTGS Form – RTGS or Real-time Gross Settlement Is a Nation Fund Transfer Which Enables the SBI Account Holders to Transfer Fund Efficiently and Securely from one Bank to Another Bank Account. 

RTGS Facility is Available only for Transactions Above 2 Lac Rupees. SBI Account Holders Needs to Fill the SBI RTGS Form to Carry out the Transactions. The SBI RTGS Form PDF is Available for Download Here at Banking Support.

In RTGS all the Transactions are Processed Continuously Throughout the RTGS Business Hour so that the Beneficiary Account Gets the Amount in Real-time. RTGS is the Fastest Interbank Fund Transfer System Available in our Country.

How Is RTGS Service is Different From the National Payment System (NEFT)? 

RTGS Stands for Real-time Gross Settlement in Which Money Transfer Takes Place in Real-Time. There is No Delay in Fund Transfer. All the Transactions are Processed Continuously Throughout the Working Hour of SBI RTGS. The Minimum Amount Required to Avail of is Service is 2 Lac INR. Fill the SBI RTGS Form & Carry out all the RTGS Transactions Easily. 

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The NEFT Works on Deferred Settlement Basis, all the Transactions are done through NEFT are Processed in Batches. There is No minimum or Maximum Amount is Specify to Use this Service. 

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Information Required to Make SBI RTGS Transaction 

To use SBI RTGS Service, You have to fill all these Mandatory details in all your RTGS Form. 

  • Amount to Be Transferred. 
  • Beneficiary Account Number.
  • Name of Beneficiary Account Holder.
  • Name of Bank.
  • IFSC Code of the Destination Branch. 

How to Fill the SBI RTGS Form? 

The SBI RTGS Form PDF Contain Two Different Sections. The Account holder Needs to Fill all the Details Like such as Beneficiary Name, Account Number, Account type & IFSC Code of Branch Properly. 

On the Left Section of Your SBI Form, You have to Enter Details Like Bank, Branch, Account Number and Amount. The Right Section of Form is to Be Filled by the Bank. 

Don’t Forget to Properly Mention the Beneficiary Account Branch IFSC Code Detail. Also, Enter Your Name, Address, Telephone & Sign the SBI RTGS Form. 

Once Bank Verify all Details Such as Beneficiary Account Number, IFSC Code & Your Signature, Your Fund Will be Transferred in Real-Time. 

Benefits of Using the SBI RTGS/NEFT Services? 

  • SBI RTGS is one of the safe and Secure Systems of Fund Transfer. 
  • There is No Amount CAP in RTGS.
  • The Beneficiary Account Gets the Fund in Real-Time. 
  • RTGS Services can Be Accessed using SBI Internet Banking.
  • All the Transactions Done Using the SBI RTGS Service Has the Legal Backing. 
  • There is No Need to Visiting the Branch For SBI RTGS Form PDF Submission. 
  • RTGS Transactions Charges Has been Capped by RBI ( Reserve Bank of India )


How Would one know the IFSC Code of Beneficiary Account Branch?

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The Account Holder can Ask the Bank Executive to Provide the IFSC Code. Or you can also Get the List of IFSC codes from the RBI Website.

What is the Time Taken to Reflect the Amount Sent? 

The Beneficiary Account Gets the Fund in Real-time, There is No Delay in RTGS Fund Transfer. 

What is UTR Number?

UTR is a Unique Transaction Reference It is a 22 Digit Number used in RTGS System to Identify the Transactions. 

In Conclusion 

It is Important to Know the Bank which has RTGS Enabled System. You can not Transfer Fund to a Bank Branch Which Doest have an Enabled RTGS System. The List of NEFT/RTGS Enabled Bank is Available on RBI Official Website.

If There is any Delay in Credit to the Beneficiary Account for RTGS Transfer, you can contact your Branch. Drop Your Queries related to SBI RTGS Form Download in the Comment Below and We will Get Back to You Soon. 

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