Wet room ideas that can inspire everyone!

These days wet rooms are more and more popular than they used to be in the past. If you plan to make some renovation of your interiors, it is worth getting some information about wet room designs, their advantages, and the products you need to purchase to have a popular wet room design. What is more, this article will also show some places where you can get some inspiration and a place where you can buy all the items that are necessary for a small wet room as well as a large one at a reasonable price. 

  1. Why should you choose a wet room instead of a traditional bathroom?
  2. What is essential in wetroom designs?
  3. Where can you get some inspiration?
  4. Where can you buy products for your wet room, such as wet room shower trays

Why should you choose a wet room instead of a traditional bathroom?

There are many reasons why people choose wet rooms instead of traditional bathrooms. There are some of the most important factors that encourage them to change their minds about the place where they have a shower:

– Wet rooms make the shower area much larger. You need to forget about the bath and change it into a convenient shower. If you are an owner of a small bathroom, the wet room is a perfect solution for you.

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– Cleaning the shower room as well as wet room systems do not take much time. You will be surprised how easy and fast it is to clean a shower tray or shower screens.  

– A wet room is stylish – it is a must have when you build a modern house and you are looking for a family bathroom made from natural stone with a large showering area.

– easy access to wet areas. The wet rooms are ideal solutions for people with mobility aids. The people who use wheelchairs or mobility scooters will not have a problem with using the showers every day. 

– Wet rooms are cheaper to build than traditional large bathrooms. You do not need to purchase so many elements so the building of the wet room is  less expensive and it does not take so much space as well. 

You can get more information at wetroomsdesign.co.uk.

What is essential in wetroom designs?

When it comes to wetrooms design you need to pay attention to some important items that you need to buy for your wet room. Those products will allow you to create a wet room of your dreams. Those necessary elements are the following:

– wet room shower trays – wet room tray is the most important element of every wet room. It is responsible for removing water from the floor while having a shower.

– shower head – you can select one of many available on the market, you can also have full body shower massage system.
– shower screens – they are also called glass screens or a glass panel – they are elements that prevent your bathroom from water. They are available in many models to suit your bathroom.
– ceramic tiles or wooden floors are perfect for wet floor in the wet room
– underfloor heating – it is a well-known solution that is very comfortable, especially in winter and autumn. Your feet will love it!

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Where can you get some inspiration?

If you are interested in the idea of having a wet room in your house, you can get some inspiration and wet room ideas in several places.

At the beginning, it is worth starting from the interior decor magazines. They are usually written by experienced architects and interior designers who know what solutions are useful, look stylish and what is more important, which ones are the most practical ones. While watching their designs, it is worth focusing on the wet room floor, shower space, floor tiles, drainage system and finally on the shower panel.

Secondly, it is worth visiting a place where you can purchase all items to your wet rooms. At those places you can see the display of wet rooms dedicated to small as well as large spaces. This solution gives you an opportunity to walk around the wet room and imagine how it will look in your house or a flat.

Finally, you can be inspired by many architects who display their projects online. When it comes to this solution, the sky’s the limit. It means that you can see the wet rooms from different countries and continents, for example you can see the wet room from the United States, France or even Japan. The final choice is definitely up to you.

Where can you buy products for your wet room, such as wet room shower trays

Every item that you need in your wet room you can purchase online at reasonable prices. There you can find many drainage solutions, glass partitions, tiles, shower tray and many more. What is more, you can ask the experts from the shop to help you choose the right item. When it comes to delivery, you do not need to be afraid of high costs. The majority of the online stores offer free of charges delivery that will arrive at your place on the next day. It is also worth underlining that the wet room systems that are offered on the Internet store are provided at much better prices than in the regular store. Some people even claim that you can save up to 30% when you buy the items online!

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