What is PNB mpassbook ?

PNB mpassbook

Punjab National Bank is the Second Largest Public Sector Bank in India. The Bank has more than 180 Million Plus Customer with 10,900 + Branches Spread all over the Country. PNB is Considered to be one of the Quickest Bank in Taking Digital Banking Initiative. The Bank Recently Launched a PNB mpassbook for their Customers. 

What is the PNB mpassbook ?

Every Individual Having a Bank Account must have Used a Passbook. Banks Provide Passbook to its Customers at the time of opening of Bank Account. A passbook is a paper book that Keeps all the Credit and Debit Records of Your Bank Account. 

A Paper Passboook Needs to be updated Manually by Visiting Bank or Passbook Printing Machine. To Eliminate These Factors, banks have Introduced mpassbook for their Customers. 

PNB mpassbook is a Digital Version of Your paper Passbook. You can View Your All transaction Details, mini Statement through PNB Mobile Application on Registered Mobile Number.  

Your Account Transactions can be synced by Login into the PNB Mobile Banking Application. There is No Need to Visit Your Home Branch and stand in Long Queue every time just to update Your Passbook. 

How to Get Access to Your PNB mpassbook ? 

The Pnb mpassbook is Available on PNB Mobile Banking Application and pnb mpassbook App. You can download the App from Google Play Store to Your Smartphone. 

  • Once Downloaded, log in to Your Mobile Banking App using the Net Banking Credentials. 
  • Now You Can Access Your PNB mpassbook.
  • You can track all Your Account Transactions and Mini-statement through PNB mpassbook. 
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Features of Punjab National Bank mpassbook 

  • You can View account Transactions and Mini-Statement.
  • Download and Save all the account Transactions on Your Device. 
  • You can Email all the Account transactions from the PNB Mobile Banking application to Your Registered Email Address.
  • M-PIN Based Login, You don’t have to Remember Username and Password every time.  
  • Transactions Details of Saving, Current, Overdraft are available in PNB m-passbook App. 

PNB Mpassbook Customer ID

How to get your pnb mpassbook Customer ID ? Your Customer id Printed on Your Passbook. If You use internet Banking then you can login to Your Net Banking account and Naviget to Personal Setting Then View personal Details and Then Click on Primary Customer Id.

What are the Benefits of using the PNB mpassbook ? 

The mpassbook offered by PNB to its Customers is Loaded with numerous Benefits. Some of the Benefits os Using mpassbook is Mentioned Below – 

  • Free of Cost – The Bank Doesn’t Charge you any Fees to access the mpassbook. The Mpassbook Application is Available for no Extra Cost at Play Store. You can Download this App anytime to check Your Account Details.
  • Secure – The Application is Very Safe & Secure to use. Nobody can access Your mpassbook App without the MPIN. 
  • Anytime Availability – The App is Always Available on Your Phone. You can Monitor your account Transactions whenever you want and wherever you want. 
  • No Need to Visit Branch – With PNB mpassbook now You Don’t Need to Visit Your Branch for updating Your Passbook. You can update your Passbook anytime from Your Mobile Banking Application and Manage it anytime. 
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Why You Should Update Your Passbook Regularly? 

Passbooks are internal Records of our Bank Account. It is one of the Most important Documents Issued by the Bank. The Benefits of updating the Passbook or mpassbook is Mentioned Below. 

  • Identity Proof – Your Passbook is one of the Best Identity Proof You can use in any official Place. It Just Not Server You as a banking Statement but You can use this Document as an identity proof document at several places. 
  • Filing ITR – At the time of filing an Income Tax Return, You Need to Provide all Your Banking Transactions to Your CA. Anyone who is involved in any Business or Job Needs to Update their Passbook for Income Tax Return Filing. 
  • Laon – Your Bank Statement is one of the Major Requirements While Taking Loan. All the Financial institute will ask for your Bank Statement Before Granting You. This is necessary to ensure that the applicant is Credit Worthy. 
FAQ ( PNB mpassbook )

Who can use PNB Mpassbook ?

Anyone having a Saving or Current account with PNB and Register mobile Number can use mpassbook.

What are the Charges for Using Mobile Banking Services?

PNB Don’t Charge You any Fees to Access this Service.

Which accounts are visible in PNB mpassbook App?

PNB Savings, Current, Overdraft, and Recurring Accounts are visible in the Application.

What is PNB Customer care Email for Mobile Banking Queries?

You can contact mobhelp@pnb.co.in for any Queries related to Mobile Banking.

In Conclusion 

With PNB Mobile Banking App You can Access Different Banking Services on a Single Platform. It allows all the Users to Perform all Major Banking applications 24×7 without any Visiting Branch. 

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We hope we have Cleared all Your Queries related to the pnb mpassbook. If You have any Question related to mpassbook, then Freel free to share with us in the comments below and We will get back to You soon. 

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